For further information about any of these works, contact me, or the publisher indicated.

1. Songs and song-cycles

Burns Songs (Op. 1) 11 songs for medium voice and piano
Thoughts of Youth (Op. 2) 4 songs for baritone and piano, words by Byron, Longfellow, Housman and Hood
Two Tennyson Poems (Op. 3) for baritone and piano
Three Poems of Percy Bysshe Shelley
 (Op. 4) for medium voice and piano
Gather Ye Rosebuds
 (Op. 9) Song-cycle on poems of Robert Herrick for baritone ansd piano (5 songs) [Publisher Oriana Publications]
Three Songs of Christina Rossetti
 (Op. 10) for high/medium voice and piano
Three Poems of Walter de la Mare 
(Op. 11) for medium voice and piano [Publisher Oriana Publications]
Chamber Music (Op. 20) Song-cycle for tenor, flute, oboe and string quartet (wind parts optional), words by Joyce (20 songs) (listen)
When Music Sounds (Op. 28) Song-cycle for baritone and piano to words by Walter de la Mare (5 songs)
Down Wessex Way (Op. 29) Song-cycle for baritone and Piano to words by Thomas Hardy (9 songs)
Three Bird-Songs (Op. 33) for baritone and piano

The Song of Elihu (Op. 39) Sacred song for tenor and organ (listen)

2. Chamber music

String Quartet No. 1 in D minor (Op. 7)
Adagio (Op. 8) for cello and piano
Romance (Op. 15) for violin and piano
Nostalgic Melody (Op. 18) for flute and piano
String Quartet No. 2 in G minor (Op. 31)
 (Op. 38) for violin, cello and piano

Introduction and allegro brillante (Op. 41) for flute, oboe and piano (listen) (score video) [Publisher: Forton Music

3. Piano music

Six Songs Without Words (Op. 19) for piano
A New Wedding March (Op. 35) for piano
Three pieces (Op. 46) for piano
Marta, a Grand Concert Rag (Op. 47) for piano, also arranged for piano duet

4. Guitar music

Suite in C (Op. 43) for guitar solo

4. Music for brass

Suite (Op. 27) for brass quintet [May be purchased from]
Bells of the South-West (Op. 34) March for brass band
Fantasia on a West-country Tune (Op. 36) for brass quartet [May be purchased from]

5. Music for wind

Time and Tide (Op. 37) March for wind band (also arranged for flexible 6-part wind ensemble)
Sonatina (Op. 40) for 9-part wind ensemble
Air, Land and Sea (Op. 44) March for wind band
Fantasia on a West-country Tune (Op. 36a) for wind quintet (video), also (Op. 36) for clarinet quartet (video)

6. Orchestral music

Comic Overture (Op. 6) (2122, 222, timp, perc, strings)
Dursey Sound (Op. 14) (3333, 444, timp,perc, harp, strings)
Remembrance (Op. 21) for small orchestra (2222, 2, strings)
Pomp and Circumstance (Op. 23) (3333, 434, timp, perc, strings)
Introduction for a Living Hero (Op. 25) (2222, 423, timp, perc, harp, strings)
Miniature Suite (Op. 30) for chamber orchestra (1111,1, strings)
Concertino (Op 32) for clarinet or soprano saxophone and chamber orchestra (2111, 2, strings)
Woodford Suite (Op. 42) for orchestra (2121, 222, timp, perc, strings, but can be played 1111,111, glock, strings)
Ceremonial March No.1 (Op. 45 No. 1) for orchestra (3343, 4331, timp, perc, 2 harps, strings)
March of the Pioneers (Op. 49) for chamber orchestra (1111, 111, 2 perc, strings) (listen)

7. Choral music

Requiem (Op. 5) for choir, soloists and orchestra [Publisher Oriana Publications]
Mass in C (Op. 12) for choir, soloists and orchestra [Publisher Oriana Publications]
The Singers
 (Op. 13) for children and adult choir, organ, harp and timpani, words by Longfellow 
Suspira (Op. 16) for SATTB unaccompanied, words by Longfellow [Publisher Oriana Publications]
Stay, stay sweet Time (Op. 17) for SATTB unaccompanied, words by Michael Drayton [Publisher Oriana Publications]
Two Anonymous 17th Century Lyrics (Op. 24) for SATB unaccompanied [Publisher Oriana Publications]
Life of my life (Op. 22) for SATTB unaccompanied, words by Herrick [Publisher Oriana Publications]
Four Poems by Sir Philip Sidney (Op. 26) SATTB unaccompanied
A Still, Sad Music (Op. 49) for choir and orchestra, words from Lines Composed A Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey by Wordsworth (score video)

8. Music for film and video

A Short Walk by the Canal, music for a film by Richard Lawes
Eclipse!, music for a video by Robin Scagell (Society for Popular Astronomy)