Sibelius 7

I’ve now got the Sibelius 7 update. Played with it a bit and initial impressions are that the redesign of the interface would make it much easier to learn for a beginner, but for an established user it doesn’t do much that it didn’t do before, just everything has been rearranged, so you have to spend time relearning it.

The orchestra/band sounds are far better than before, but I have to say I still prefer the sounds from my 10-year old Yamaha DGX-200 synthesiser, probably because I am used to them, not because they are more accurate. Early days, so impressions may change. I’ve not really tested the string sounds yet. The sound library is huge, 36GB, and there is no way I could fit it on my MacBook HD, but the Sibelius 6 sounds are still available from within Sibelius 7.

Many customised settings were lost in the transition from Sib 6 to 7, and defaults had to be changed again (such as keyboard shortcuts, playback options, and getting rid of the annoying introductory music when the program boots AGAIN), so this was all a nuisance in upgrading this program.

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